Toe Ring Sizing

If you are visiting us in Capitola, stop by for a custom toe ring fitting in our famous barber chair. If you are shopping online, follow the instructions below to determine your perfect fit. 

Step 1. Wrap a string around the part of the toe (or digit) where you want the ring to lay.  For most toes, the best location is in the middle, between the tip and 1st knuckle. Some people like their ring to lie at the bottom of the toe.  

Step 2. Mark the string where the two ends meet and lay the string on the millimeter side of a ruler.  

Step 3. See sizing chart below.

Millimeters          Size

42                        2

43                        21/2

44                        3

45                        31/2

46                        4

47                        41/2

48                        5

49                        51/2

50                        6